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selection of new suppliers

choosing raw material suppliers is a crucial point of the business, since sensory variables that affect the quality and cost of your products emerge from here.

supplier,  process and / or packaging substitution

the change of suppliers of raw material, technology, packaging and processes, has implications in the quality, cost of formulation, performance of the sensory qualities of the product, and the acceptance of the consumer, its repurchase or permanence of the brand in the market.

shelf life or sensory life

in the face of the inevitable impact of time on the sensory properties of a product, it is imperative to know the limits of sensory tolerance for the acceptance, or rejection of the product, by the consumer.

sensory specification development

the design and formulation of a product, concludes with the preceptive sensory guidelines that typify it, which must be monitored to always guarantee the same sensory characteristics of your product. these tolerances facilitate the creation of the gold standard of our product.

quality monitoring of ingredients, product, packaging and / or process

measure the affective performance of the product over time to maintain its preference, and to identify possible threats of competition against new trends or changes in consumer tastes. through periodic affective measurements, you will guarantee winning products.

sensory quality control®

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