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as passionate pioneers of the sensory discipline in mexico, we have the firm purpose of sharing our knowledge with those who have the responsibility of implementing or executing sensory tasks, whatever the category of product they handle. our experience and professionalism are the seal and essence that we seek to convey.



sensory studies outsourcing

our facilities in mexico city are at your disposal, so is our panel of analytical-sensory judges and target consumers, pentasensorial is a strategic ally, both for companies that do not have their own sensory evaluation laboratory, as for those currently seen forced to send their local products, to central laboratories or parent company, making sensory operability expensive and impractical.

sensory consultancy

we have the know-how to design the practical sensory master plan for industry, universities, and culinary centers.

maquila y tercerías de estudios sensoriales

poniendo a su disposición nuestras instalaciones en la Ciudad de México, panel de jueces analítico-sensoriales y consumidores objetivo, pentasensorial es un aliado estratégico, tanto para las empresas que no cuentan con un laboratorio propio de evaluación sensorial, como para aquellas que actualmente se ven forzadas a enviar sus productos locales, a laboratorios centrales o casa matriz, haciendo costosa y poco práctica la operatividad sensorial. 

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