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Daniel Pedrero

for daniel, being a student of rose marie pangborn at the university of california, davis, marked the beginning of his commitment and passion to sow, spread and consolidate the sensory evaluation discipline in mexico.


his book, co-authored with pangborn herself, not only became a reference in spanish-speaking countries, but also sparked interest in sensory science at the academic and business level.

in these more than 30 years, daniel has actively participated in the instruction of sensory evaluation in private and public universities; directed more than 50 theses and trained more than 4,000 students in this field.

in 1998 he founded pentasensorial, offering sensory research services to the industry. today, the recognition of its customers, places the voice of the product as the basis for building a sensory culture in companies, thus establishing pentasensorial as a reference company in the sensory discipline.

daniel acknowledges that his training as a flavorist in naarden, holland, provides a unique added value in sensory research for his clients.

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