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fizz sensory analysis software

automate the collection of your sensory

and consumer data with the same tool

video FIZZ
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sensory evaluation applications
  • quality control

your best ally to track the sensory characteristics of your product, detect defects and understand the variation of your product.

  •  research & development

it helps you understand the mechanisms of perception of the stimuli of your product, as well as its acceptability.

  • marketing

streamline the commercial approach by testing preference and acceptability with consumer, allowing comparisons with products of your competition.

FIZZ versions 

FIZZ lab

  • formerly known as Fizz Network

  • available in Offline mode, which does not require an internet connection

  • it is the most powerful and fastest solution for tests on computers that share the same network. It is recommended for established places such as a sensory evaluation laboratory.

  • provides the possibility to run different tests in different booths, as well as several tests at the same time allowing the judge to choose the test or establish an order.

  • stop the session in all the terminals of your cabins at the same time or select them independently.

  • monitor the progress of each terminal from the supervisor window.

  • the collected data is instantly available for analysis through FIZZ Calculations.

FIZZ forms

  • for paper tests with automatic reading through a scanner.

  • you can take your tests anywhere, no hardware is needed to apply them. just pen and paper.

  • it is possible to combine different types of questions in the same test and include images as characteristics of a product.

  • fast scanning: a scan report is generated that gives warnings about missing or invalid answers.

  • the results of each scanned page are immediately accessible for analysis through FIZZ calculations.

  • possibility of placing a space for the judge or consumer to write comments by hand and then code them to analyze them as multiple choice questions.

FIZZ nomad

  • formerly known as Fizz Web

  • available in Offline mode, which does not require an internet connection

  • run tests through the Internet.

  • easy to share with your judge or consumer. You can generate automatic invitations to send by email..

  • recommended for tests at home, in remote sites, recruitment of panelists and much more!

  • define your tests with multimedia features of the product.

  • publish your tests through the FIZZ web server

  • control your tests from your computer, consolidate your answers whenever you want.

FIZZ modules
– they cover all the stages of a sensory evaluation research process

FIZZ acquisition:

  • create, modify, simulate, and apply your questionnaires, and obtain your results.

  • fully integrated with FIZZ Calculations and FIZZ Database.

  • select and combine all kinds of questions in your tests, from discriminatory and multiple choice tests, to tests such as time-intensity, descriptive profiles, sorting (napping®), temporary methods, even also preference tests and much more!

  • FIZZ automatically generates your sample presentation design and blind codes, also with the possibility of establishing specific presentation designs.

  • print your code labels from FIZZ.

  • total control of your test protocol sequence with the portable, network and web modalities.

  • analyze your data immediately after collecting it with FIZZ Acquisition.

FIZZ Calculations

  • fully integrated with FIZZ Acquisition and FIZZ Database.

  • analyze your data according to the sensory test you have chosen.

  • export and import data to any spreadsheet format.

  • apply descriptive (tables and graphs) and inferential (hypothesis test) statistics.

  • discriminative tests: difference tests (risk α) similarity tests (risk ß) and sensory difference (d prime).

  • profiles: descriptive statistics, interaction of graphs, comparison of graphs by product, performance of judges, frequencies, distributions, analysis of variance for different types of tests, t-student, non-parametric tests.

  • ranking: Friedman and Page tests, Round Robin (multiple pairs).

  • CATA and multiple choice questions: frequencies, bar and pie plots, chi-square tests, binomial tests, factorial correspondence analysis (FCA), open questions that can be coded and analyzed as multiple choice questions.

  • temporal methods: time-intensity, temporal dominance of sensations (TDS) y TCATA.

  • advanced statistical methods: Multivariate analysis, Principal component analysis (PCA), cluster analysis, preference mapping (internal and external), FCA, PCA horizontal with multifactor analysis (MFA) and STATIS penalty analysis.

FIZZ database

  • store and administrate all your historical data – dates, products, judges, sessions, repetitions, and their details.

  • extract activity statistics such as the number of times each judge has participated, duration of tests, where and how often a product is used, clients, sample information and much more!

  • track changes of a product over time, number of times it has been rejected by quality control and performance of the judges.

  • select judges or consumers for new studies according to their performance.

  • combine results of different tests to analyze them together.

  • create automatic filters with specific criteria to be exported directly to a spreadsheet.

  • but, above all, save your information locally and not in the cloud, so only you can access it.

FIZZ collect

  • allows the analyst to easily manage the execution of quizzes and track judges' participations and results in real time.

FIZZ judge

  • allows judges to answer the quizzes from any device. Available for Android applications, Windows app or from any browser.


FIZZ support by pentasensorial

pentasensorial's support team has been trained in Dijon, France, where the parent company of Biosystèmes -founder and developer of the FIZZ software- is located.

our team also has theoretical and practical experience in sensory and statistical evaluation, which facilitates the software service and support we can give you..

in addition, pentasensorial is an active user of the FIZZ software; we use it for our sensory and consumer research, which promotes a better understanding, solution and advice to your needs.

our experience of more than 20 years representing the distribution of software in the Americas guarantees:

  • remote technical support as experts in sensory evaluation, statistical analysis and management of FIZZ software.

  • support in English and Spanish  

  • step by step help to download software updates.

  • we guide you in adapting your sensory tests to the FIZZ environment.

  • benefit from the added value that pentasensorial offers you: CONSULTING AND TRAINING in sensory discipline and statistical analysis to facilitate your tasks within your sensory laboratory. 

       check our training courses or contact us to design an advisory program that fit your needs. 

let us inspire and fuel your passion for sensory 


customize your FIZZ experience with our help!
contact us by phone, email, teamviewer, skype, webex or any other platform you use.

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