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sensory-analytical research

the voice of the product®


the only consulting firm in Mexico that employs scientific knowledge, experience and infrastructure to carry out analytical-sensory assessments through the directed work of trained judges. on the one hand, we study human reactions to the experience of product perception, to "make one or more products" speak sensory, thus generating "the voice of the product"; and on the other, we generate the voice of the consumer through the study of their choices and preferences. only this way, the voice of the product® can explain the voice of the consumer.


the voice of the product is the objective, tangible, reproducible and quantitative perceptual description of a product or category, clearly defining the sensory properties that characterize it.

the sensory-analytical assessments are entirely independent of the affective-sensory (hedonic) assessments made with consumers, who basically focus on reporting their likes.

pentasensorial's methodology allows to evoke and measure these perceptions, covering a series of staged tests that analyze, quantify and even mathematically explain the cognitive process of the appreciation of a product.

the sensory methodology is listed in specific trials:

  • assesses the threshold of the perception of a stimulus.

  • discriminates between two similar products through tests such as triangular, double triangular, duo-trio, 2 and 3-AFC, tetrad, DOD, among others.

  • generates the voice of the product®

  • describes, by unique attributes, the differences of two or more products through sensory profiles - descriptive analysis.

  • assesses the changes that occur in perception over time such as the time-intensity test, which measures the intensity changes of specific attributes through time; or the TDS test or temporal dominance of sensation, which allows us to identify the attributes that attract our attention over a period of time.

  • identifies sensory product attributes that motivate consumer preference

  • segments consumer tastes by identifying the sensory product attributes that motivate them

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