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pentasensorial duality®


we add the voice of the product® to the voice of the consumer as to identify discriminating critical attributes of the product that motivate the consumer's preference, giving value and a successful direction to your brand .


sensory-analytical research: the voice of the product ®

following scientific guidelines of the sensory discipline when training and calibrating the innate human abilities of perception, sensory differences between products are then measured, and the voice of the product® is constructed, facilitating the fine path to the generation of descriptive-sensory profiles, foundations for a multivariate analysis. 

sensory research in quality assurance

because we recognize the importance of ensuring and taking care of the sensory quality of your products, we carefully guide you with various sensory methodologies that keenly help professionalize your sensory specifications and the sensory grading techniques of the product at production line.

market research:

the voice of the product ® + the voice of the consumer

integrating the voice of the product® and the voice of the consumer through analytical-sensory, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, we identify product and consumer insights that translate into unique sensory experiences, with competitive advantages for your business.

you will be surprised by the value of this actionable information.


the voice of the product®

we decode the potential that's inside the product

• impeccable

• analytical

• descriptive

• measurable

• strategic

the voice of the consumer

we reveal the pleasure which the product inspires in the consumer


• emotional

• creative

• unique

• feeling

• holistic

la voz del producto
soluciones de negocio
control de calidad
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