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OUR COURSES - open or custom designed - are aimed at people who have a commercial, marketing, technical, creative and quality approach, who value sensory evaluation, as a tool to achieve their professional goals, both personally and in business.

discriminative sensory methodology

it focuses on presenting the basis for product valuation, through the discriminative methodologies of sensory evaluation, highlighting the scope and limitations of each of the tests, as well as their execution, analysis and interpretation.

at the end of the course, the assistant will be able to determine which discriminative methodology to use to meet their business objectives, as well as analyze and interpret the results to guide decision making.

statistics applied to sensory evaluation*

offers to bring the interested party closer to the knowledge of the statistics used to analyze sensory data, in a simple, practical way and with a strong emphasis on the understanding of mathematical analysis and the interpretation of the results.

at the end of the course, the assistant will be able to understand their data, apply the appropriate statistical analysis, and interpret results to dictate conclusions and recommendations of sensory research.

* it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of statistics to attend this course.

selection and training of sensory-analytical judges

designed for those responsible for the development of the sensory analysis department, and wish to enable a group of analytical-sensory judges in their company.

at the end of the course, the assistant will have the necessary elements to be able to select a group of sensory judges, train them and keep them in functions to focus on the objectives demanded by sensory research.

sensory quality control

designed for professionals who ensure, care for and guide the quality of products, and manufacturing processes, but that today do not have the valuable sensory tool in quality control.

at the end of the course, the assistant will have the basis to define sensory quality specifications, as well as to implement or optimize a quality sensory control plan in their company.

personalized training according to your needs

if the open training topics we already have designed do not fit your needs, we can, with your guidance, design a customized training plan, seeking to convey the strength of sensory knowledge that drives your business.

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