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business solutions:

the voice of the product® + the voice of the consumer

ideation & development
scale up & line production
monitoring & optimization

product benefits

inspire improvements

ideation & development

  • product and brand in tune

  • innovation pipeline

  • relevant, differentiated and preferred product solutions

  • product platforms per tastes

integrate agility

scale up & line production

  • the voice of the product and the voice of the consumer in sensory specifications

  • sensory control tools

  • sensory approval of inter-plant products

  • corporate product sensory language

incite perfection

monitoring & optimization

  • sustainable sensory advantage

  • gold standard product in market

  • economy without affecting acceptance

  • resource optimization

  • environmental impact reduction

benefits for brand, packaging and sensory experience

infuse happiness

ideation & development

  • product exploration and understanding of direct and indirect categories

  • sensory brief that reveals the pleasure that the product inspires and that guides brand positioning, packaging design, image and communication

imbue desire

scale up & line production

  • rationale of the brand defined from sensory conceptualization

  • sensory tie in product and brand executions translated into claims and sensory packaging design

ingrain control

monitoring & optimization

  • support to consolidate product platforms focused on sensory experience, incremental for the business

  • brand identity manuals that maintain the communication of the emotional connection with the consistent consumer through the different points of contact and brand experience

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