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        the voice of the product®


in pentasensorial we evaluate your product as something more than a recipe, or a secret formula; It is the living voice that encourages intangible sensory experiences in the consumer, which translate into a competitive advantage for your business.


our vision is to unveil the magic and value within a product, decoding its inner voice.


our mission is to generate tangible value for our customers and inspire the wonders of sensory experience - one product at a time.


within each product there are attributes which make it unique; in pentasensorial our job is to capture them and capitalize on their potential to create pleasant experiences.




built on curiosity and passion to distinguish, understand and value what is perceived by the senses, pentasensorial integrates professionals in different areas of expertise - sensory science, statistics, experimental design and market research - which, together, provide valuable support for your business decisions.



unique professionals in their approach, the sensuists deconstruct the delight in the sensory experience, making tangible the perceptual nuances of the product, to instill astonishment in the consumer and inspiration for the business.

sensory judges

pentasensorial integrates a team of more than 50 analytical-sensory judges that evoke and quantify the product attributes with their keen senses of perception, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, to generate The Voice of the Product ®.

discriminating consumers

we have a panel of more than 200 consumers with above normal perceptual abilities, who emit finer affective judgments than the general population - both intrinsic and extrinsic - about the product.



our sensory evaluation center is made up of 8 tasting booths with air circulation and filtration, temperature control and quality lighting, all automated with software FIZZ.

the preparation area allows a strict control of conditions, ideal for the correct handling of the product in our investigations.

we also have space for the valuation with consumers for product, packaging and display testing, all through electronic data capture.




products evaluated in 30 years


national and international companies and universities as clients



conferences in 11 countries


executives of +350 companies in our courses and workshops

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